Terms and Conditions

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PLANNING TO WEAR YOUR OWN SKATES? No problem, but all skates brought in must meet these specifications:

  • Be clean and in good repair
  • The wheels must be made of Polyurethane. (not PVC or other hard plastics).
  • No ‘In and Out’ privileges, pass-outs, or loitering around the premises or car parks. An admission fee will be required for re-entry.
  • No missing wheels, worn bearings or loose components.
  • No protruding nuts, bolts or sharp components/parts.
  • Wheel bolts/nuts must be fully recessed inside wheel.
  • Do not skate into the venue please, put your skates on once inside the building.

Your skates will be inspected before you are allowed to use them. To protect other skaters from injury and the fabric of the venue from damage they will not be allowed in if they don’t meet these standards. Loose wheels will be tightened free of charge. If there is excessive play in the bearings following wheel bolt/nut tightening, you will not be allowed to use them and will probably need a set of new bearings.

Socks must be worn with hire skates.

Roller Skate Discos Terms & Conditions of Entry

By entering the venue, you agree to these conditions. While every effort is made to ensure a safe experience at all of our sessions, participants must be aware that roller skating is a potentially hazardous activity and unpreventable accidents can happen. You participate at your own risk. We highly recommend that you do not take part in any skating activity if you suffer from:

BRITTLE BONES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART PROBLEMS, JOINT INJURIES, BACK OR NECK PROBLEMS, ANKLE OR KNEE WEAKNESS or any other condition that could be aggravated by this activity. If you are, or suspect you are pregnant you should not take part in this activity. Consult your doctor if unsure.

Management accepts no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage howsoever caused to yourself or a third party that may occur whilst taking part in any Roller Skate Discos session or event, which include venue structures, obstacles or the actions of other skaters.

Participants are advised to wear protective equipment to minimize injury from a fall or collision. We recommend Hand/wrist guards, knee pads elbow pads and a hard helmet. Put protective equipment on before skates. We’re not trying to sell you extra things, we just don’t want you hurting yourself. We sell pad sets and helmets, which are also suitable for other activities i.e. cycling. Or, you may already have some in the shed.

We strongly advise that you DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE SKATING as it greatly affects your balance. Anybody who is arrives in an intoxicated state will not be allowed to skate.

Management reserves the right to remove anyone who they suspect as being a danger to themselves or others at any time.

Rules & Regulations

  • No disorderly conduct, no bad language, no chewing gum allowed in the venue.
  • No food and beverage items can be brought into the venue.
  • No ‘In and Out’ privileges, pass-outs, or loitering around the premises or car parks. An admission fee will be required for re-entry.
  • Fast, reckless behaviour, tag playing, or skating in an unsafe manner that may jeopardize the safety of others is not permitted.
  • No sitting on railings, walls, tables or counters. Do not touch the lights or sound equipment.
  • Roller skate discos is not responsible or liable for any item(s) deemed lost or stolen.
  • Roller skate discos Management reserves the right to inspect Skates, Skate Bags, Bags or similar items when entering or leaving premises.
  • Please report all accidents or spillages to management or a member of Staff. No food or drink on the rink!
  • You must follow all posted signage and verbal rules and instructions.
  • Parents & carers are fully responsible for the care, conduct, actions and safety of their children. This is not a childcare offering, do not leave your child unattended.
  • Roller skate discos Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason.
  • Persons entering premises and car parks assume all risks regarding accidents and injury to themselves.
  • Roller skate discos operates a Zero Tolerance against Bullying.
  • You are responsible for ensuring you are physically fit enough to be here
  • Remove/put on your skates in the designated part of the venue
  • Keep moving on the rink, no sitting or lying on the skate floor
  • No pushing, chasing, sliding, throwing or playing your own games
  • Absolutely no food or drink on the rink at any time. The slightest spillage will cause the session to shut down and all skaters be removed while we clean up. It makes the floor very slippery and unsafe on skates.
  • Skate to your own ability – ask for help if needed
  • Skates only on the rink – no shoes (except parents supporting young children in our beginners sessions)

Skating is not permitted in any area other than on the rink / rink access points

All skaters travel in the same counter-clockwise direction unless the DJ says otherwise. Skating against the flow of skaters is not permitted.

When skating look out for other skaters. Always be alert and skate respectfully of others at all times.. Be courteous and considerate of the space of other skaters, marshals and supervisors.

Beginners and less confident skaters should use the area at the sides of the rink. Never stop or stand on the rink (even along the side). This blocks the flow of skaters and can cause collisions.

In the event of a fall, keep hands out of the way of other skaters and get up as quickly as possible to avoid injury to or from passing skaters.

The use of cameras, headsets, mobile phones or hand-held electronic devices is not recommended on the rink. It’s distracting, you might fall over, your phone might get smashed on the floor.

Flashing/strobe lights, water based non toxic smoke/haze/fog effects and video recording might be used during your visit. Pictures and or video of you may be published by us or other participants/members of the public.

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