Skate Hire – For Skate School


Skate Hire for skate school


Skate Hire for Skate school event. You may use your own skates if they meet our standards.

PLANNING TO WEAR YOUR OWN SKATES? No problem, but all skates brought in must meet these specifications:

  • Be clean and in good repair
  • The wheels must be made of Polyurethane. (not PVC or other hard plastics).
  • No missing wheels, worn bearings or loose components.
  • No protruding nuts, bolts or sharp components/parts.
  • Wheel bolts/nuts must be fully recessed inside wheel.
  • Do not skate into the venue please, put your skates on once inside the building. We want to keep the floor as clean and dry as possible.

Your skates will be inspected before you are allowed to use them. To protect other skaters from injury and the fabric of the venue from damage they will not be allowed in if they don’t meet these standards. Loose wheels will be tightened free of charge. If there is excessive play in the bearings following wheel bolt/nut tightening, you will not be allowed to use them and will probably need a set of new bearings. For £12 we can fit a set of 16 new bearings (2 required for each wheel).


Clean socks must be worn with hire skates.


11J-1A, 1J-4A, 3-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12